Update 1.5 & 1.6

This is specs of Updates:


1) Adjust mobs in sacred claw and drop P and B coins 


2) Fix Various Names and Specs of D-Shop 


3) Adjust Mobs in Under Crespo Or Abyss Crespo, Now Drop PPoints and Grade Rank Exp 


4) Added 2 Boss in Under Crespo, Qusil Drop x4 Random Dragonic Series (500k PPoints and 25k Exp Grade), Arch Coup

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Posted By Exilium Gaming - Staff - Sunday May 31, 2020
Update 1.4

Fixed some text in game.

Reworked Secred Claw (Mobs now Give P and B Coins with low rate for start farm).

P y B Coins Now is tradeable.

Added Relog Channel (if u need relog fast).


Added Channel Test (This channel is only available for the staff, for test future updates.)


Exilium Gaming Staff

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Posted By Exilium Gaming - Staff - Tuesday May 19, 2020
Update 1.3
Server experience is increased.
Drop increased and Arkadia mobs changed.
All Resist Gems increased.
Increased Medials Stat.
The socket system has been fixed, now you can put the gems in their respective slots and armors.
Activated the automatic coins system, for every two hours online the character will be given 75 coins.
Vote for coins is Activated, u need account on forum for vote, u get 250 coins per vote.
DK SQuare is Activated.
The server will continue to have changes throughout the week, any bug can be reported on the discord ser...
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Posted By Exilium Gaming - Staff - Sunday May 17, 2020